Jason’s Safe House by KataChan

Parody of Batman and Robin #11 (2012)

tiny titans #1


GRAYSON #6 by Mikel Janin


Batman: Outlaws #3


- Gotham Knights #11

When Nightwing won’t crack, Hugo Strange thinks Robin will. Pfft! As if.

Also, notice how Tim physically appears like a bird here, especially in the second panel with his cape looking like wings and his bound hands appearing like the tail. Also, he looks so young…..

Tim is so clever here! It’s fantastic. I love this Tim. So incredibly brave in the face of danger, not believing anything Hugo says. And he says a lot of ridiculous things!

Also, Tim’s fate in Batman. :)


1. Remakes are stupid 2. I own the original 3. Make a new game 4. Put ruby and sapphire on the eshop as a port instead there there’s 4 reasons