Not Michael Cera
Hi I'm ryan and I... yeah thats pretty much it.
Stretch goal Jordan swears

"Oo, oh, that’d be a great stretch goal" 

"What a great idea Seamus! Yeah! That was a pretty good idea" 

"That’d be a good one" 

"It’d be pretty dern high, but I would probably do it because it’s for a good cause" 



gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun is a treasure,

I’m really hopeful for this Mad Max reboot… but a small part of me thinks it is going to be Rage: The Movie and be lackluster.


are you from heaven because tennessee


We’ve been playing a lot of Smash Bros. Melee at work lately.


When you open your eyes during a prayer…

Vine by Marcus Johns

Playing games



That’s cold